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Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Looking for your perfect home? Breakthru offers SIL houses and Supported Independent Living (SIL) services for NDIS participants to help you live more independently and comfortably. We believe everyone deserves a place to call their own, and we’re here to make it happen. Whether you want your own home or to share with friends, we’ll listen to your needs and interests to find the best fit from our wide range of quality SIL accommodation. Contact us today, and let’s find your ideal home.

How we support you

Our homes are carefully chosen with factors like location, convenience, safety, privacy, and comfort in mind. Our support staff are friendly, respectful of your independence and choices, and aim to empower and value you. We will work with you to:

Understand Your Needs

We know everyone is different, so we'll take the time to get to know you so we understand your individual needs and preferences such as your ideal home, preferred locations, and the support you require.

Arrange Funding

We'll work closely with you, your family or your Support Coordinator to provide general advice about the funding process for your housing and support needs.

Find the Perfect Match

Once your funding is in place, we'll explore our extensive database of homes in New South Wales and Queensland. We'll use the information we gathered about your needs to find your ideal match.

Add you to our Waiting List

Don't worry if there's nothing immediately available – we'll keep you informed and let you know as soon as a suitable option becomes available.

Frequently asked questions

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funds Supported Independent Living (SIL), enabling eligible participants to lead more independent lives. This support allows individuals to access a support worker at flexible times to suit their unique circumstances. The assistance ranges from daily drop-in support to 24-hour at-home support, catering to various needs, from general supervision to fostering the development of new life skills. At Breakthru, we provide Supported Independent Living (SIL) and Assisted Living as part of a shared group-home environment or as a convenient drop-in service in your personal homes throughout Sydney. Our Supported Independent Living (SIL) & Assisted Living services encompass: • Assistance with personal care routines, including showering, dressing, and toileting. • Support with household tasks such as shopping, meal preparation, laundry, and cleaning. • Active overnight and/or sleepover support. • Clinical support, including medication administration and specialized condition management.
If your goals now include exploring home and living options, or you have had a change of circumstances in your current living situation, you are encouraged to complete a Home and Living Supporting Evidence Form. This form can be submitted within 100 days of your plan end date, and will cover your home and living goals, current circumstances, strengths, and ongoing requirements. To support this form, a Roster of Care will be submitted, reiterating the level of support you require through documentation from an Allied Health Professional and your Support Coordinator. This will cover how significant the impact of your disability is on mobility, self-care, and cognition, and in turn what housing is best suited for your goals. This assessment is written by an Occupational Therapist and is generally funded in your NDIS plan under Improved Daily Living. Following the submission, the NDIS will look at what type of funding will meet your needs, considering what is best suited to help you pursue your goals whilst creating connections in the community. Once a tentative offer of housing has been made your Support Coordinator will write a Housing Solutions Report to ensure you are a suitable candidate for supported living. If you are interested in progressing a SIL application and are unsure where to start, the Breakthru team can help.
You can also access our accommodation under individually funded support packages including icare, workers compensation and insurance core supports. This includes funded support services either agency managed, self-managed or a combination of both.
It’s not uncommon to get Supported Independent Living (SIL) and Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) confused, with both funding aimed at assisting individuals to live more independently. However, to put it simplistically, SIL is about providing supports to you so you can live more independently, where as SDA funding subsidises the building and ongoing maintenance costs of a fit for purpose home. These building and maintenance costs generally cover inclusions that are not found in conventional housing, such as electric doorways or fully adjustable benchtops for example. SDA funding is generally provided to participants who require accessible features in their home to ensure they can live more independently. While SIL and SDA exist independently, participants may be eligible for both.

Get started in 4 easy steps

Step 1

Check your eligibility

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  • are aged between 7 and 65.
  • reside in Australia with Australian residency.
  • require immediate support to lessen future needs.

Step 2

Make an Access Request

To start your application, call the NDIS at 0492 020 125

If you need assistance, reach out to your Local Area Coordinator, Early Childhood Early Intervention partner, the local National Disability Insurance Agency, or Breakthru for support.

Step 3

Gather Supporting Evidence

This may involve sharing details about your disability and how it affects your daily life.

Providing recent information and collaborating with your healthcare providers can strengthen your case for NDIS eligibility.

Step 4

Prepare for your planning meeting

Once the Access Request decision is done, you’ll receive a written notice of the decision.

Afterward, you’ll meet with an NDIS community partner to determine the support level for your NDIS plan.

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We’re a NDIS Provider, which means we’re authorised by the NDIA to deliver supports and other services for participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Hamilton Care,  is committed to empowering individuals to shape their futures. We provide tailored support recognising that everyone has unique needs and preferences.We take pride in providing culturally sensitive support to various communities, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, refugees, migrants, and diverse groups.

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